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Measures To Protect Internet Security

To protect security of our website and to ensure that our service remains available to all of the internet users who respect its spirit and purpose , following are security measures that have been taken:
1.Utilization of network intrusion detection systems to monitor network traffic and identify unauthorized attempts to upload or alter website content, or premeditated sabotage.
2.Installation of firewalls to prevent unauthorized intrusion, destruction or theft of data in order to protect the website against any illegal access and ensure the rights of our website users.
3.Installation of antivirus software for scans on a regular basis to provide a secure browsing environment.
4.Nonscheduled simulation of computer cracking to become familiar with system recovery procedures in case of security incidents and to determine a proper protection level.
5.Data backup shall be conducted on a daily basis to make replication of all data to the backup server. In order to receive security alert Emails from suppliers of operation systems and application software, follow the suggestions in the email to install necessary security patches.


Self-protection Measures

Userpasswords and all personal information shall be kept properly and users should take care to secure them. Do not provide any personal data, passwords in particular, to anyone. Once online applications, reciept of email, and personal account maintenance has been completed, remember to logout your account. If the computer used while visiting the site is either shared by multiple users or a public computer, be sure to close all browser windows after logging out to avoid unauthorized access to personal user information, user emails or the administrative domain of the website.


Revision of the Security Policy

To accomplish the objective of assuring network security for all users, the Ministry will update security measures in our website in accordance with technology advancement, and changes in laws, regulations, and social circumstances. Amendment to our security measures will be published and highlighted in our website for visitors' ready reference.
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