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Photo & Video
2018 TFDA [First Prize: Wilson Choi]
2018 TFDA [Second Prize: Chen,Bao-Wen]
TTF intro-2
TTF intro-1
2018 TFDA [Second Prize: YU-CHIEH,HUANG]
2018 TFDA [Best Market Potential: YANG Zi CHEN]
2018 TFDA [Best Pattern Making: Liao,Yi - Ning]
2018 TFDA [Best Use of Fabrics:Evelyn Tamara Wisesa]
2018 時裝設計新人獎決賽【開場】
Technology Development Program (TDP) for Nonprofit Research Organization: R&D Project for Sewing Technology of Functional Textiles - Seamless Bonding Technology for Stretchable Knits and Waterproof Fabrics