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Taiwan Functional Textiles Certification

Taiwan Functional Textiles Certification
When it comes to sports and casual clothing, consumers nowadays are not only seeking fashion, but ergonomics, especially comfort and health. It is now a common practice in industrialized countries to announce new functional textiles on a regular basis. Known examples are pure cotton wrinkle free apparel for office goers, sporting fabrics made of elastic filaments, filaments with optimal absorption and sweat discharge, sun protective textiles, thermal textiles as well as far infrared products featuring heat preservation among others. In brief, the textile industry is launching a totally different campaign from the past.


After many efforts in R&D in functional textiles, the Taiwan textile industry has come to agree on what they ought to do in the future. Renowned firms have been devoting efforts in research and production of functional textile goods. As products can vary in quality, buyers and consumers must test and use the textiles to verify the acclaimed functions. Therefore, the importance of a kind of product quality assurance approved by a reliable organization was given high precedence. A certification system would be important to local and overseas buyers and consumers who can look for the certificate label to identify the quality of the products they are buying.
As an establishment that has been serving the textile industry for a long time, the Taiwan Textile Federation joined forces with 4 key partners to plan and promote this “Taiwan Functional Textiles” certification system. The Label is now duly registered in Taiwan, the US, the Europe Union, Japan and Mainland China and serves well as a buying reference for trade professionals and general consumers.


* Taiwan Functional Textiles Certification: http://tft.ttfapproved.org.tw/
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