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Clothing Technology Alliance


In order to reinforce Taiwan's functional textiles and concentrate on R&D of sewing technology, professional “Clothing Technology R&D Center” was first established by Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) with the support of Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT) from Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). The center officially opened on August 17, 2018. Facilities for sewing, examination for actual field verification will be optimized. Experts from the center are extremely supportive to various industries, including pattern design, garment technology, engineering for materials, textiles & equipment, etc. We intensify the research on "Flat seam sewing", “Bonding”, and “Template sewing” through sewing techniques of functional textiles. The R&D results will be shared with industries by patents & technology transfer.

The “Clothing Technology R&D Center” from TTF is a platform with integration of technology R&D for textile industry. For promoting and strengthening industrial technology, TTF constructs collaboration with related industries in the field of functional textiles. Therefore, “Clothing Technology Alliance” is here!

Brief Introduction

“Clothing Technology Alliance” expects to provide, deepen, diffuse sewing technology R&D energy and accelerate the development of the industry through knowledge socializing and sharing, and accelerate the development of the industry. To jointly impel and enhance R&D capabilities and the global competitiveness of the industry, we provide services like seminars, training courses, market sharing, new knowledge instruction, promotion/exhibition, etc.

We are looking forward to making Taiwan become a primary R&D center for sewing technologies through “Clothing Technology R&D Center” and the “Clothing Technology Alliance” in Asia-Pacific territories. In the future, our main spotlight will be placed on application between innovative sewing techniques with new materials, accessories, machinery, etc., and functional textiles in Taiwan, which are integrated solutions for manufacturing processes. Our efforts will expand usages of Taiwan's functional textiles in multiple industries, and consolidate our domination and international competitiveness globally.




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