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Textiles Marketing

In order to help Taiwan's textile enterprises to expand their business in the international market and develop market access, TTF organizes "Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show" (TITAS), trade missions to overseas textile exhibitions, business-matching meetings for invited buyers and Taiwan suppliers, and offers customized project marketing services for developing the trade opportunities between Taiwan’s textile enterprises and target customers.

Every year, the TTF organizes exhibiting groups to Europe, America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and emerging markets participating in international exhibitions featured in sports, outdoor sports, fashion, home textile, and technical textile applications. In addition to offer quality services and promoting the image of Taiwan textile industry, TTF also conducts integrated marketing campaign such as organizing the image area, joint promotion booth, and the launch event of new products and technologies at the selected trade shows to increase the market access for Taiwan textile enterprises. In addition, in line with government policies and enterprises' needs, TTF strengthens the marketing in emerging markets and differentiated products by conducting joint promotional activities at international exhibitions to develop business opportunities in the niche markets. The TTF strives to reach the goal of developing business opportunities for potential products, global access, consolidating focused markets and opening up new markets through attending overseas exhibitions by means of flexible, diversified and professional marketing methods.

Overseas Exhibition

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