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The "Taiwan Fashion Design Award" are organize to explore the new talented designer into the industry
Asia's largest and historical official fashion design award , explored most of the talented designer/design rookie: the annual " Taiwan Fashion Design Award " will be held once a year, and this year will be the 31st , through the competition platform to encourage and explore the domestic excellent design talent to enter the industry The " Taiwan Fashion Design Award " for Asia's only largest and historic large-scale official fashion design competition. The number of entries over 11,000 entries, the winners accumulated nearly 180 people. 70% of the previous winners went into the fashion industries, become one of the backbone of the industry . The number of entries every year more than 400 people, covering the National College of fashion design and social design rookie. The annual finals are more attractive for more than 1,000 attendees.
(United Kingdom, the United States,France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, mainland China and Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia) joint participation. The international competition, domestic and foreign fashion experts are invited as the review, to provide domestic design rookie an international exchange opportunities to encourage the Taiwan’s designer towards the international level of design standards.
Taiwan fashion industry crescent designer :"Taiwan Fashion Design Award" winner, are now Taiwan's fashion industry with a representative of the market and the new generation of designer, which more successful winner’s brand , effectively promote Taiwan fashion brand flourish. Such as: clothing brand LAFALEE, 竇騰璜、張李玉菁(the establishment of brand STEPHANE DOUCHANGLEE YUGN), 康嘉偉(the establishment of brand pitotpaak), 李倍(the establishment of brand Dleet) , 陳怡君 (establishment of brand kotipesa), 古又文(established brand Johan Ku), 高勝忠(established brands Andre Kao), 施堉霖 (established brand YuLin), 謝仁欣(founder of DARIO), 吳日云(set up brand Austin W) and etc .


2017 TFDA : http://www.tfdaward.com

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