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Whole Garment Design Workshop

Whole Garment Design. Future new trends

TTF set up a “Whole Garment Design Workshop” to enhance the domestic knitting technology , counseling Taiwan‘s textile industry to upgrade and solve the problem of knitting talent shortage. The Whole Garment Design Workshop” is located on the first floor of the TTF building and it is equipped with all-round knitting fabric technology, linking R & D resources and product demonstration development, moreover, integrating key materials and related weaving technology to make up the knitting product development  knowhow gap, build up new technology  data recourses and  also design style reference, to enhance the competitiveness of knitted textiles design.

Wholegarment knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine. Consequently it requires no expensive,  time-consuming post-production labor. The textile industry has shifted its production base offshore in search of cheaper wages and a steady workforce, the re-shoring of knit manufacturing by means of wholegarment production becomes a viable alternative to overseas production. Combined with SDS-ONE APEX3 design system, nurturing highly skilled personnel and young talents ,wholegarment production will surely bring about a revolutionary change in the global knitting industry in the 21st Century.



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