In 1975, the European Economic Community (EEC) decided to impose import quotas on the major textile suppliers to Europe to protect its textile industry. Since Taiwan did not have diplomatic relations with any of the EEC member countries, the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) under the guidance of the government was established to maintain the interests of Taiwan¡¦s textile industry in the European market and represent the government to negotiate with the EEC on November 25th, 1975. 

After its establishment, the TTF gradually expanded the scope of its services, in line with the development of the Taiwan textile industry.  Today, its services include market development, organization of trade shows, textile product design and development, fashion trend analysis and forecasting, e-commerce promotion, design and fabrication of apparel samples, training in apparel pattern making, collection and analysis of market information, the certification system of ¡§Taiwan Functional Textiles¡¨, publications of textile information, issuing Certificates of Origin, etc. With its steady efforts to improve service quality, TTF also obtained ISO 9001 certification in quality management systems from the British Standards Institute (BSI), to ensure it provides Taiwan¡¦s textile businesses the best services.